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Home Security Advice

Please note: The following advice is literally that, advice only. JDS Locks do not accept any responsibility for any decisions you might make with regards to your own home security. For extensive security advice please visit the Metropolitan Police website.

Protecting the home we live in is essential to a safe and happy home environment. Unfortunately there is always a risk of being burgled and in this day and age we can not be too careful. Here at JDS Locks we always offer the following bits of security advice.


Burglars will almost always try to enter and exit your property through a door.  So please ensure your locks are adequate and that they conform to British standard 3621 or the equivalent European Standard EN12209

Silver Mortice Casing

Mortice Lock

   Wooden Doors

For wooden doors it is best to have a British standard 5 lever Mortice dead  lock fitted, as a rim latch on its own is not sufficient,though insurance companies will accept a rim automatic deadlock night latch. The quality of your door also makes a difference.You can improve the security of your home by ensuring you have these locks fitted. 

White UPVC Front door

UPVC Front Door


UPVC Doors

Modern designs will usually incorporate deadlock shoot bolts or a multi-point locking system, both throwing a number of bolts from the door into the frame. Under these circumstances there will not normally be any need for additional devices. We recommend that you install a high security Euro cylinder into your multipoint system to ensure that access to your property can not be made by lock picking, bumping or snapping. The ABS Avocet 3 star Euro cylinder is anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-snap and here at JDS Locks we use it for our own home locks.


Sash Lock Casing

Sash Lock

  Back Door

Your back garden is the most vulnerable part of your house and requires careful consideration to security. The back door offers vital protection for a house and can deter burglars from gaining access, if the correct security advice has been adhered to. If you have a wooden back door it is recommended that the door be fitted with a 5 lever mortice sash lock. Many insurance companies do not specify that your back door locks should be British Standard 3621 or equivalent European Standard EN 12209, though the use of this standard of lock is recommended. Remember again if your back door is a UPVC Door the same applies as your front door. For further advice on back door security please visit the met police advice page by clicking HERE.

White UPVC Window

UPVC Window


Windows are often used as an entry or exit route for burglars. Homes with windows left open or with unsecured locks are a preferred target for the opportunist burglar.  The most obvious thing to do, is to always make sure your windows are locked when you leave your home even if it is for a short period of time. Windows on the ground floor of your home should be double glazed. If you have single glazed windows then consider having laminate windows as they are more difficult to break than pane glass. Alternatively you can place a plastic glazing film over the glazed area to prevent the glass from shattering, though the clarity of the glass will be reduced.

Mortice rack bolt kit

Mortice Rack Bolt

UPVC windows will have factory fitted window locking mechanisms and will adhere to good security standards as long as you do close and lock windows when your home is unoccupied.  For wooden casement window frames fit locks that secure the frames together in preference to locks which simply secure the handle or stay bar. Fit a lock to the frame and not the actual window to make it more secure. If the window is flush to the frame then consider fitting a mortice rack bolt to the frame. For Sash windows its best not to rely on existing central sash fasteners. Sash stops are strong and easy to use and do not need to be removed from windows when you want to open your window fully. They can be set into the top frame allowing the window to be left open about 5″ for ventilation but still secure. For added security fit in pairs.